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Our Mission

The mission of Imagine Recovery is to provide effective and progressive drug and alcohol treatment to people with dignity and respect. We believe that all people have the right to quality care. We believe people should be cut off from their addictions and not their life. We see individuals as people rather than addicts and believe there is hope for every person we serve. We believe that recovery is different for everyone so individuality in the plan of care is always our main focus. We believe that lives can change, relationships can be healed and futures restored.

At Imagine Recovery Group, we take pride in providing unique and effective addiction recovery treatment. Our experienced staff will be by your side throughout the entire process as we address every concern during rehabilitation. We’ll develop a treatment plan based on your specific experience with addiction to ensure your success on the journey to sobriety.


Art Therapy

Art Therapy is a great way to express yourself during treatment. Furthermore, you’ll gain understanding of your disease and find joy in your rehabilitation.


Music Therapy

Addiction recovery doesn’t have to be boring. Instead, enjoy your newfound sobriety through musical expression.


Physical Fitness

Physical fitness will not only improve your overall health and wellness, but it will also encourage you to overcome the challenges ahead during recovery.


Nutrition Therapy

The success of your rehabilitation is much more than just treating your addiction. By improving your nutrition, you will begin to feel better, physically and mentally.

Tim Storey’s Dream Academy

Learn from Tim Storey, author of the #1 selling book, Comeback & Beyond, during your recovery journey. Face each challenge with confidence and courage towards a new life of health, happiness, and sobriety.

We Accept Most Major Insurance Providers

Begin your journey towards lasting recovery in a peaceful and healthy environment.

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