about Imagine Recovery GroupAt Imagine Recovery Group, we believe in changing lives through proven and effective addiction treatment. There is always hope in the form of quality care, support, and encouragement for those who struggle with addiction.

No one experiences drug and alcohol abuse in the same light. As a result, we believe in providing individualized care that gets to root of your addiction. Through specific treatment, you’ll learn to embrace sobriety and overcome substance abuse.


Diagnosis is a vital aspect of the treatment process that will identify any and all underlying issues that negatively affect your addiction. Our team of experts will help develop your recovery path by addressing these issues simultaneously for the best possible outcome. For example, your recovery may include drug detox before a transition into inpatient rehab.

Holistic Philosophy

By taking a holistic approach to treatment, Imagine Recovery Group will help you achieve physical, spiritual, and emotional recovery. Treating one without the other will create more setbacks during your journey to sobriety.

12-Step Program

At Imagine Recovery Group, we also utilize and offer a 12-step approach to rehab and recovery. Through our 12-step program, you will achieve and maintain sobriety by recognizing your problem, surrendering to a higher power, and sharing your experiences with others facing addiction.

Caring, Experienced Staff

The hard-working, enthusiastic, and caring staff at Imagine Recovery Group is committed to your success in rehabilitation. Your overall wellness is our top priority and we’re determined to provide the highest quality care in the field today.

Learn More About Imagine Recovery Group

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